We make a concerted effort to make farming a positive experience for those around us in our community. Our operation often requires a significant amount of equipment traveling the roads and we appreciate all the support and patience within the community. We do not want to be on the road any more than we have to but due to our small average field size, diversity, and mother nature it is often times necessary. We give back and give thanks to the community in any way we can. Including contributions to numerous fundraisers that support local organizations, clubs, and charities.  We sponsor a $500 scholarship to college bound seniors in the Pavilion School District as well. In 2007 we received the New York State Agriculture Environmental Award for the farm’s environmental stewardship.  This recognized our ongoing conservation efforts promoting soil and water quality.  The farm makes extensive use of grass filter strips, riparian buffers, crop rotation, and cover crops.  We work closely with our crop management advisor and the Wyoming County Natural Resources Conservation Service office.